Stefanie Bashaula


Fun Facts about Mrs. Bashaula:

- My immediate family is small and spread out across the U.S. My husband’s family is LARGE and from Tanzania
- My favorite things are: camping, the color green, watching the moon, my faith, DARK CHOCOLATE, Yoga, sunrises and sunsets, music-piano
- My hobbies are traveling, swimming, READING, Writing, Photography
- My family had a horse, several dogs, rabbits, mice (my brother’s), a crawdad, and some hermit crabs. We don’t have any now.
- My favorite foods are from other countries and fresh from a garden or farm.
- My favorite places to go are places with water and anywhere I can swim (beaches, lakes)
- Something special you should know about me is I enjoy being creative, solving problems, helping others, and learning about other people, cultures, faiths, music, food, etc.
- I also LOVE the OUTDOORS