Michael Mehle
Math Teacher- Team Specialist


My journey to Holm Elementary started in the foothills of Colorado, at a time and place so primitive it featured neither cable TV nor cell phones. Next stop: Boulder and the University of Colorado, where I attended college so long ago the university actually had a winning football team and a journalism school (it now has neither).

Armed with a journalism degree, I spent 20 years as a reporter, critic and editor at the Rocky Mountain News, which was Denver's oldest business and largest newspaper (until it closed, at which point it ceased being both of those things).

After riding that dinosaur into the tar pits, I headed back to school - this time receiving my masters degree in curriculum and education from the University of Denver. With the help of the Denver Teacher Residency program, I happily landed on the shores of Holm Elementary in 2010, where I've been teaching fifth grade ever since.

I live with my wife (a kindergarten teacher at Asbury Elementary), daughter (a freshman at the Denver School of the Arts) and Jake (a neighborhood cat who callously ditched his owners three doors down because we offered better food).

When I'm not at school, I spend my time rooting for sports teams that perennially disappoint me (I'm talking about you, Nuggets and Buffaloes), drawing silly cartoons for no perceptible reason, and working to keep a 115-year-old house from crumbling into ruin.

My goal this year: to lead our fifth graders through a productive and fun year mastering the Common Core State Standards and to learn how to juggle (though don't hold me to that last part).